The fourth and last nation of the Croman continent is Motorland. Motorland relies heavily on machines and engineering. Their great industrial cities are renowned for the intricate systems of gears and axles running underground to bring mechanical energy to every household from the great coal-fueled steam factories that fill the air with their unrelenting smog.

Ever practical, Motorland has built great systems of roads to support their different steam-driven propulsion engines. Art also has a certain place in Jagerlandt. Nothing as frivolous as painting or singing of course, but a good, clean piano concert can always be appreciated. As long as everything is kept orderly, obviously.

Goin’ retro!


Even though we use all of the available tools to create Minute Mayhem, we still have a strong root in an aestethic that draws from the styles of old school games. In recognition of this we created a little set of art.

So: What if Minute Mayhem came out in the era of the 8 bit console? Well, the cover might look a little like this.


Again with the geography.

Mesmer. The nation that brings the world the newest ideas in psychology, and the finest of foods and arts. Mesmer has long boasted the strongest airship fleet in the world, and are known for their anchored floating cities over rustic farmland scenery.

The bustling hubs of the bigger, landbound cities are the nerve-centers of fashion, philosophy and poetry. Here, ever new ideas are born from the minds of bright, young people.

Everything has its own pace in Mesmer however, and although they often get to define what the finer classes call “Modern”, the villages and windmills of the outlying regions make time seem like it has stood still forever.