Behold the ancient Teslamancer (and a crunch update)

We have been crunching for a while now. The holidays has seen most of the team travel home to their respective families, but me and Magnus have kept working right trough it. Since new years we have been throwing in weekends, and running between 10 and 15 hour shifts. The good thing is that everybody is back and that a lot is being done. As you can see the blog suffers under these conditions. Hopefully however, our efforts will bear fruit. A new application for Filmfond is coming up, and we are ready with a brand new demo. If all goes to plan, we will also release it publicly in a month or so.

Here is an ancient woodcarving of a Teslamancer practicing his art. Enjoy 🙂

Dark Rain

I mentioned previously that we are working on a new project parallel to Minute Mayhem. The name of this project is Dark Rain.

Dark Rain is a platformer, and it takes place in the history of Electropia. You play a young Teslamancer that has to rediscover his order’s legacy. To aid you in this task you have the powers of electricity and magnetism. And not fake magnetism, this works like the real stuff. By giving things positive or negative charges you can send huge metal blocks flying trough the air, or even attract and repel yourself to the magnetism of other objects.

We have been playing around with the mechanics for quite a while now, and it is marvelous fun. We really can’t wait to show it to you all.

Oh, and the picture above is representative of the style of the game. So it promises to look good too 😀