Games Are art

This Monday Rain AS was invited to show off Dark Rain At Prøverommet at Bergen Kjøtt. Rudely we did not tell you about it on this blog, or indeed anywhere else. Why? Well: Prøverommet is an art exhibition. We were amazed that we were asked to participate, but I at least did not quite know what to expect.

The expo went well, and although we stuck out like a sore thumb we do have a painty arty style. A lot of people played the game, and we got a lot of positive feedback from an extremely artsy crowd.

In the picture is Marte, our new, young aspiring writer. She has just started, but she has already read up on all the lore for our world, and proofread this entire blog. For you reading the posts on Facebook, or on rain-games.com: The posts are originally posted on Tumblr, and corrections unfortunately do not carry over the system we have set up. Sorry.

The facilities used for the occasion is the open area in the middle of Bergen kjøtt. The building is really old. Originally created to handle Meat import and distribution, but re purposed several times, and now holds an artist community. It is a strange mismatch of visible piping, and beautiful old wallpaper as can be seen trough the display of Dark Rain on the wall. The rest of the exhibition is not visible in the picture, because we were placed on sort of a podium over the rest of the event. Nice view.

If things work out you can all expect to hear more from Marte, as she may be taking up part of written communication to you all.

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