The new office

Travel from the open ocean and along the Hardanger fjord, and you will come across Bergen, a trade capital for ships in the olden days, and the second largest city in Norway today.

The city nestles between seven mountains, and occupies what is said to be the only flat place in all of western Norway.


It used to be that this place was remote from the high culture of other countries, but today, as a post-industrial country we are all citizens of the Internet along with much of the rest of the world.

The old boat wharfs and points of trade are well looked after as a precious part of our cultural heritage in this modern day, and where better to place the foundations of the new than amongst the memories of the old.

 So finally: Here are the new Rain offices.

Or more precisely here: The two middle windows in this image.

Stay tuned for some indoors exploration of this marvel.

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