Mesmers and Mindsculpting

The Mesmerian art of mindsculpting is the one with the least root in the Old Empire. Many still discredit it for being a “Pseudo science”, based on among other things that it is completely derivative from other sciences and that it is poorly defined because it encompasses any and all ways of altering a person’s mind. The mere thought that manipulation and beauty could be considered part of a scientific method gets up the noses of many more traditional Scientists.

Of course, the aforementioned methods are only the most crude tools any true mindsculptor has at his disposal. In addition, there is the chemical alteration of consciousness, sound induced trance*, and its own special discipline of hypnosis. But all these things are but the tools of the artist. Rather, the Mesmerians measure success not only by result, but also style and technique.

*(derived from the older Mesmerian tradition of Sonic manipulation, their true heritage from the Croman Empire. Sadly largely discontinued in this day and age.)

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