The Games

Minute Mayhem

Rain AS has started development of its first game, Minute Mayhem.

Minute Mayhem is a multiplayer game set in a Comic drawn Steam Punk setting. For more information on this project and its development, join us at
(Please note: This project is currently on hold in favour of our second project, Teslagrad.)


Teslagrad is Rain AS’s second big project, and despite being set in the same universe as Minute Mayhem, it differs vastly in gameplay. Teslagrad is a 2D puzzle-platformer where both your creativity and logic will be put to the test as you navigate treacherous levels armed with the power of magnetism. The game is intended for release on PC, Mac and Linux.

You can get more information and updates on Teslagrad’s progress at our blog, and check us out at IndieDB!

Norwegian Game Makers Guild

Rain AS has successfully initiated the creation of the Norwegian Game Makers Guild (Spillmakerlauget). This is an interest group/company network for us and the other game developers in Hordaland, Norway. We maintain a seat in the newly established board, and are happy to report that we are working together with Vostopia, Turbotape Games, Mentalfish and Badgerpunch. We have also had good contact with other local groups and companies, and are looking forward to seeing the organization’s future.