The Teslamancer in all his electrifying glory

The continent of Croma is far more diverse than we would ever have time to explore trough the course of Minute Mayhem. One part of this is the illusive order of the Teslamancers.

The Teslamancers are in this day and age an elite force fighting for Electropia, and doing so mostly in the shadows. In fact, their show of prowess in the Mayhem tournament is the only chance most people will ever get of seeing a Teslamancer in action, and most who meet them outside of these events don’t live to tell the tale.

The order was formed by the scientist whose family name they bear, a man both famous and infamous trough Elektropian history. It is still perceived as a mystified techno-cult, employing operatives skilled in both the mystical technology they use, as well as stealth and other forms of combat.

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