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Runes & scrolls: Teslagrad translation process launched!

Translators Come Forth!

This is going full steam(punk), friends!

With the Greenlight thing achieved and our progressions letting us hit more and more milestones in Teslagrad’s development, new challenges show up. The game is virtually done, with almost every level, environment, secret and boss fight polished and put on its correct place. Jubilations! As aforementioned, it’s time to focus on some important details. At this time most of you know that Teslagrad is basicly a silent game, relying on visuals in order to narrate the simple (yet complex) story that you are going to discover soon. Nevertheless, we still have some text over there (menus, chapter names, basic interface, and so on) as well as the handy dandy instruction manuals. Yes, we are those kind of sentimentals yet worrying about instruction manuals. So, at this stage and considering the nature of the job, we’d like to entrust such an important task to our community again. In fact, you’ve been the ones who allowed us to go through the Greenlight and reach Steam, and also community proved as the best possible alpha testers, helping us hugely with the Linux build bugfixing, adding as well great feedback, and meta-improving the improvements queue.

To sum up: We have some small text that should be translated, around 150 words in-game text, and a fistful more words on the instruction manuals (not finished yet, around 500-600 words). And you can help us contributing to Teslagrad with your language talents! We’ve made a selection of languages which are specially important (for many reasons beyond the language itself) regarding the release. This is it:

Mandatory languages (required for some releases): English, Norwegian, French, Japanese.

Optional languages (strongly recommended): Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, German, Russian, Italian, Polish

Other languages (not so necessary, but easy implementation featuring Unity): Hungarian, Arabic, Dutch, Greek, Afrikaans, Basque, Belarusian, Bulgarian, Catalan, Czech, Danish, Estonian, Faroese, Finnish, Hebrew, Icelandic, Indonesian, Latvian,
Lithuanian, Romanian, Serbocroatian, Slovak, Slovenian, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian

Of course we managed to make some translations by ourselves, and in any event, you can check the updated status on every language here, in the Magical Translation Shared Document:


Aaaaaaand most likely you’re wondering about the task difficulty, aren’t you? Fortunately it’s pretty simple. Either with a simple text editor or using Unity (free), the technical aspects of translation are literally a piece of cake. Then, would you like to take part on the translation process?

As usual, just write us to eduardo@rain-games.com or marte@rain-games.com with the following info:

– Name
– Brief presentation
– First language
– Additional languages (if any)
– Language(s) that you want to translate
– Previous translation experience (if any)

We’ll reach you out as soon as possible, give you additional details and guide you through the whole process. Let’s dance! And of course thanks a million :D.

Edit: We’re getting a lot of requests, thank you! That said, and as many of you asked, you’ll be rewarded too. Concretely, all of those chosen to take part on the translation will have a free Teslagrad digital copy (once released), a document accrediting the participation, and special thanks on credits.