Raining on Konsoll’s parade!

Oh dear, it’s been quite a while since we’ve updated, hasn’t it. All we can offer is a most sincere mea culpa, and assure you that we’ve been tremendously busy. With what, you might ask? Well, I’ll tell you.

First of all, we are of course plugging steadily away at our demo. It is looking quite magnificent at the moment, and we practically have to sit on our hands in order to stop ourselves from throwing it at you before it’s all finished. But, fear not, noble video game enthusiasts, because we can offer you something to chew on while you wait, namely a little gameplay-video.

We hope that is enough to tide you over until we’re ready to bring you the full demo. As an aside, we have finally put a long internal discussion to rest, and come to the conclusion that we will be releasing this game under the name Teslagrad, and the previous name is no more!

Secondly, a very exciting event took place here in Bergen recently, namely the aptly named Konsoll.

Konsoll is a mini festival held in conjunction with the local film festival BIFF and video game resource network JoinGame, and of course, we jumped at the chance to attend! We had a great time, attending a very informative conference (including a showing of the splendid Indie Game: the Movie) and showing off our game, along with several other local devs, including TurboTape, D-Pad, Vostopia and Henchman & Goon. In addition, James Portnow of Extra Credit-fame and Luke Dicken were also in attendance, to much jubilation from us and others.

All in all, it was a successful couple of days, and we also discovered that even the younger kids can play and enjoy our game. We have been concerned about the degree of difficulty on multiple occasions, but the kids proved to us that they were certainly up to the challenge. So, good on ya, kids!

The great outdoors.

Not all of your exploits will take place inside Tesla Tower. You must first get there, which is a challenge in and of itself. The city of Teslagrad is not the most well-kept of places to live, and its roads are not safe. Perhaps the rooftops will be better suited to your needs…

In any event, it is up to you to traverse its shattered paths and dreary cobbled roads. And don’t forget, time is of the essence. The King’s Guard is at your heels!

Never let it be said we’re under-staffed.

Previously, we told you about one of the additions to your arsenal, the blink-ability. Today, we’ll be revealing yet another cool device that will add even more depth to the way you play the game. Behold, the tesla staff.

This new tech delivers what we here at the office call a “long-range beam of magnetised death”, and will once again add a new element to the puzzle-solving. And indeed, this staff may be just what you need to defend yourself from one of the most gruesome creatures you will meet on your way… Because who knows what may lurk in the dark depths, in a place that the outside world would rather just forget…

What indeed…

Right! That’s quite enough ominous ambiguity for today.

Just as a reminder, we are closing in on the demo release, and we’re very excited to hear what you think. Our contact form is ready and able to listen to your feedback, so don’t hesitate to drop us a line once the demo releases and give us your thoughts.

Stay tuned!

We’re not all about the punching.

No, really! We know that up until now, most of what you’ve seen involves punching stuff with your awesome glove, and we’ve sort of made ourselves out to be connoisseurs of the art of punching. This is all well and good, but we don’t want to limit ourselves to just that.

So, just when you thought punching is as good as it’s gonna get, we flip the script and throw a new element into your repertoire.

Oh yes, a kickass new suit that will let you move through the air with the greatest of ease. This blink-mechanic will add a whole new layer to your moveset, and will allow us to make the puzzles even more challenging. Timing is everything, so stay sharp.

And that’s not all! Join us next update, when we talk about another cool addition to your arsenal.

Of summer heat and demo releases.

Summer is fully upon us, and as such, the Rain offices are heating up. Thankfully, this has been considerably alleviated by the presence of our biggest fan…

In other more serious news, we are nearing a critical phase of Dark Rain’s development process, namely the release of our official demo! Yes indeed, you read that correctly. Soon, you too will be able to make your way through Tesla Tower, hopefully not falling prey to its many dangerous twists and turns.

We are very excited about the prospect of bringing you some playable content, and not merely spellbinding you with sweet screen shots and concept art. Although we do enjoy that as well, let’s be clear, here.

So please, stay tuned for more information about the release of the demo!

Gameplay action screenshots!

Hello, everyone! Today we’ll be bringing you a fairly hefty update, namely selected screenshots from our newest build! A lot of hard work has gone into this build, and it most definitely shows. So we’d like to share a few chosen shots with you, that we hope you’ll find to your liking. (Click them for a better look.)

Selecting input method at game start.

A Teslamancer statue lights your path...

The tower holds many dangerous traps.

A Voltwalker is the first to greet you.

They will sometimes help you along.

A charged punch from the glove!

Elektropia's history looms behind you.

Some early-on puzzle solving.

Punch it up!

A friendly boost from the Voltwalker.

A not-so-friendly boost...

...and zap you go!

Fernus is your first opponent, a fierce battle between your ingenuity and his fierce flamebreath. Does that seem unfair? Certainly not...