Do the Wii U-dance.


Today yet another step in our journey has been completed, and we are pleased to announce that Teslagrad is coming to the Wii U! Yes indeed, folks, that brings us up to a total of five platforms, and our quest to give everyone a stellar gaming experience has taken yet another step in the right direction.

The Wii U offers many possibilities to do some nifty things, and while nothing is set in stone yet, we definitely are looking actively into how to best utilise that which the Wii U offers. Something like this, perhaps?


Our journey is not done, and as usual, our Greenlight submission is still plugging along. If you haven’t yet, please take a look and consider giving us your vote, and once again, we have to direct a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has followed us. We couldn’t have done this without you, and we appreciate your continued enthusiasm for Teslagrad in all its forms! Jubilations!

GDC 2013!

We are pleased to announce that Rain Games will be present at GDC 2013!

gdc13_logoWe will be a part of the Nordic Pavilion booth, along with RockPocket Games, Hyper, Krillbite Studios, Red Thread and a whole bunch of other awesome people from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland. The booth number is 1432 if you want to stop by and see some great things from some great Nordic developers. We will of course have a Teslagrad-build on-hand for you cool people to try.

We hope to see you guys there!

The sound of Teslagrad

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that our composer is busy cranking out some new tunes for us, and indeed, he has delivered. As you guys know, in a game with no text or voice acting, music is completely critical to set the mood properly. Tesla Tower is a desolate place, with danger lurking around every corner, and we need music to reflect that. Our dear composer has done a beautiful job.

Here are two pieces from his current compositions for your listening enjoyment.

What do you guys think?

A Fright of Grues


We’ll be straight with you.

We like our mystique. Aight? Indiestatik recently called us “a curious enigma” (true story!) and we quite like the sound of that. But, we feel it’s time we reveal one of Tesla Tower’s darkest secrets. Ladies and gentlemen, the Grue.

This dude, right. This dude. Is it even a dude? We’re certainly not checking. The point is, this chompasaurus is ready to eat you if you get too close, so it’s certainly not advised to go head-to-head with these things as it’ll most likely result in you losing some vital limbs. But don’t despair, because while your glove might not be enough to put the Grue down, perhaps you’ll find something later on that will help you. At first, however, you will have to be content to run screaming in the other direction whenever you meet one.

Suitable upgrades.

So, do you guys remember that suit we were talking about a while back that would give you more awesome abilities?

Looks pretty rad, right? Just chillin’ in this ancient tower, And before you ask, no, the suit will become your size, not the other way around. You won’t actually get to stomp around Tesla Tower like some sort of steampunk Godzilla.

I’m sorry if that upsets you.

Aaaand we’re back!

Another holiday season has passed and we’re back in the office, ready to leap head-first into 2013. So! What’s going on with Rain and Teslagrad in the new year?

Well, with our spirits high from the IndieDB Top 100 triumph, we’re soaring on a cloud of productivity and probably also all the delicious food we’ve eaten during our holidays. Our alpha build on Desura has been rather well received, which is excellent. In addition to this, the Norwegian division of Gamereactor has reviewed said alpha build, also very favourably! (The article is only in Norwegian, so if you’re not a native speaker you’ll just have to take our word for it.)

Incidentally, if you’re interested in trying out the build and judging for yourself, we do have alpha keys available for such a purpose, albeit in a limited amount. There are several ways to contact us, but the easiest is probably via our Twitter or our handy-dandy contact form. Now, we can’t guarantee you’ll get one, but we’ll try not to be too stingy with them.

Currently, our dear music composer is working on, yes indeed, music! So perhaps in a few days, we’ll bring you a couple of snippets of the Teslagrad soundtrack.

Stay tuned!

’tis the season…

…to vote for Teslagrad at IndieDB’s Indie of the Year!

2012 Indie of the Year Awards via Indie DB

There’s only a little over two days left to vote! Think of it as your holiday gift to us.

Speaking of holidays, ours start this Thursday! So this will likely be the last update before January rolls around, so we’d like to take the opportunity to thank you all for sticking with us through the year. Some of you have been around since the beginning, and some of you have only just found your way to us recently, but we think you’re all really awesome! Making it into the IndieDB Top 100 has made us truly realise just how grand your power is, and how much you like our game. We are tremendously thankful for your support, and we hope we’ll live up to your expectations when Teslagrad’s release rolls around.

It’s been an exciting year for Norwegian video games, and we’re hoping 2013 will be even better. So, from all of us here at Rain, very happy holidays to all of you, and we’re looking forward to bringing you even more updates over the new year.

Stay safe, and stay awesome!

Top 100!

As a very wise young woman once said, sweet momma Christmas! Friends! Teslagrad has made it into the top 100 at IndieDB’s Indie of the Year! A huge thank you to everyone who voted for us, we couldn’t have done it without your support.

Now, an even greater challenge lies before us. Can we make it into the top 20? We’re up against some big names, but we’re confident that with your help, we can do it! So please, lend us your support, and give us a vote. We appreciate it.

This videogame is officially also for the birds.

By now, you should all be pretty familiar with our old buddy Fernus, the mega-furnace of fiery anger. He is pretty comfortable with his place as your first major foe, but we have several other tricks up our sleeve. Meet the mechabird.
Now, is that his name? What’s his deal? The answer is, we don’t truly know. Teslagrad is a secretive beast, and even we haven’t fully unlocked all its riddles yet. But, serious up, just look at him. Whatever he’s up to, it can’t be good. Will he carry you away to a faraway land to feed you to his mecha-chicks? Will he keep you in his quite literal ribcage and declare you his very own maintenance worker, forcing you to keep all his components running for all eternity?

We just don’t know, friends. We just don’t know.

(PS, I know Peter has just posted about it, but you should totally vote for us. Just saying.)

It took a bit of swearing, but…

…the website is finally starting to bend to our wishes. You might have noticed we’ve had a couple of gremlins as of late, and so we set about to do something about it. This resulted in having to untangle a couple of issues that spanned all the way back to the website’s inception. It was a slightly painful process, but we’ve quelled the worst of it. It is, however, an ongoing process, so hang tight while we work our behind-the-scenes magic.

In other news, we’re trying to wrangle the demo into submission (we haven’t forgotten!) and prepping for our trip to Oslo for Spillexpo (are you going?) Future fiendish puzzles are also being hatched by our tricky level designers as we speak, featuring this little guy.

Just don’t ask him to “do the robot”, or he’ll get very cross with you.