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The great outdoors.

Not all of your exploits will take place inside Tesla Tower. You must first get there, which is a challenge in and of itself. The city of Teslagrad is not the most well-kept of places to live, and its roads are not safe. Perhaps the rooftops will be better suited to your needs…

In any event, it is up to you to traverse its shattered paths and dreary cobbled roads. And don’t forget, time is of the essence. The King’s Guard is at your heels!

Gameplay action screenshots!

Hello, everyone! Today we’ll be bringing you a fairly hefty update, namely selected screenshots from our newest build! A lot of hard work has gone into this build, and it most definitely shows. So we’d like to share a few chosen shots with you, that we hope you’ll find to your liking. (Click them for a better look.)

Selecting input method at game start.
A Teslamancer statue lights your path...
The tower holds many dangerous traps.
A Voltwalker is the first to greet you.
They will sometimes help you along.
A charged punch from the glove!
Elektropia's history looms behind you.

Some early-on puzzle solving.

Punch it up!

A friendly boost from the Voltwalker.
A not-so-friendly boost...
...and zap you go!
Fernus is your first opponent, a fierce battle between your ingenuity and his fierce flamebreath. Does that seem unfair? Certainly not...