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Teslagrad blinks through Eurogamer Expo (London)

Hi again friends,

True, we’ve just returned from that PAX, but obviously we control de mighty power of teslamancy! And also London is relatively close, so we’re (again) letting Teslagrad to take us here and there. This time it’s been to the UK, withing the framework of the Eurogamer Expo. As you already know, we were selected as part of the Indie Game Arcade, and now it’s time to enjoy this new opportunity of volt-walking the dance floor.

Eurogamer Expo 2013 Show Floor

Can you see that Indie Arcade purple zone, up on the right corner? Exactly, next to the wee zone and the food stuff. Go an meet us, and don’t miss the opportunity to see all this good fellows too (descriptions are taken from Eurogamer’s blog).


Assault Android Cactus

Witch Beam Games
Intense arena shooter, already enthusiastically received by RPS.


Bright, chaotic, and completely unapologetic about it: Kind of a monster truck SHMUP.


Mark Foster 
A puzzle plaformer based around light and shadow.


Wearing a number of inspirations on its sleeve, Cloudbuilt pushes beyond all of them into something fast flowing and ecstatic.

Eden Star

Flix Interactive 
Accomplished looking indie first-person survival game.


There isn’t much online about this yet, but it’s going to be gorgeous.

I Get This Call Every Day

David S Gallant 
We’ve all had jobs we’ve hated, and this game simulates a common one: working in a call centre. There’s no way to win, but you can choose how to lose.

Master Reboot

Wales Interactive 
First person puzzle game with elements of horror. Has a lovely, stripped down 3D art style.

MirrorMoon EP

Santa Ragione 
The map is not the… well, maybe. I don’t want to spoil this.


Erlend Grefsrud 
Aesthetically novel SHMUP in which you can control time and space.


Rock Pocket Games 
Somewhat slapstick, sci-fi puzzle platformer with some clever puzzles and physics interactions.

Skipping Stones

KO-OP Mode 
Calm and still for the most part, this is a relaxing, generative audio game.


Rain Games 
Beautifully animated puzzle platformer, notable for its non-verbal storytelling. (Rain Games writer’s note: OH MAN, IT’S NOTABLE FOR A LOT MORE OF THINGS LOL!!!)

Three Monkeys

Sonos Games 
Take the role of a young blind man in this audio only game. Sonos have developed this in collaboration with the blind community.

Tomb Of Rooms

Idle Creations 
Survival horror, in which you ascend a dark tower with randomly generated levels.


Snowbolt Interactive 
A shooter without shooting, you must change into appropriate shapes and plough into enemy ships.



It may look cute, but there’s a brutal heart beating under the skin of this multiplayer iOS game.


I Fight Bears 
Flawless, cleverly implemented controls in this side-scrolling beat em up.


Puzzle game based around sequential art, with some beautiful attention to detail in the animation.

Out There

Mi-Clos Studio 
Gorgeous, hard science fiction in which you are lost, and know centuries are passing while you attempt to get back to earth.

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