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Summer Sales and Made With Unity

teslagrad_promo_DEALSwithgold_facebookYour shipment of Rain news has arrived!

If you’ve been waiting for the Steam Summer Sale like a godsend, then you know for sure that it’s live since the 23rd of June, until the 4th of July. And yep, Teslagrad is part of it: our game is 75% off, so you can add it to your library for barely a couple of bucks. Just click here and let Steam do the magic.

But we don’t want to leave alone our Xbox players, so we have good news for them too. From June 28 (that’s right, today) to July 4, we’ll be part of Deals with Gold program: Xbox Gold subscribers will be able to get Teslagrad 50% off. Seems like a good opportunity to become a golden member, in case you’ve been postponing the decision!

teriscreenshotpngAnd last but not least, we’re happy and proud to have been chosen for Made With Unity, the space that Unity dedicates to selected games created with such engine. You can click here and learn more about the development of World to the West from our tools programmer, Fredrik Ludvigsen. And if you like what you read (we hope so!), don’t forget to spread the word in social media using the hashtag #madewithunity. Would be really appreciated!