Spillmakerlauget arranges developers beer next week. This is an informal get-together for the video game companies in Bergen, as well as students of any subject somehow related (Art, programming, 3d and so forth), or any individual interested in games and the designing there of.

The event is held on the 25th of April, at Kvarteret in Bergen at 18:00 o’clock. Are you wondering whether you might be welcome here? Well… There will be alcohol, so you need to be at least 18. Other than that all you need is the interest. These events have started to gather quite a few attendants (About 30 last month), so you will have to take the initiative to blend in yourself as it is getting harder to notice who might be new.

So: Look for the guy with the sideburns at the event if you want me to introduce you to people. Well met to all you new devs.

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