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SpillExpo 2012!

Friends! A huge event in the history of Norwegian video gaming has at last been announced, namely the first ever Norwegian video game expo, concisely dubbed Spillexpo!

Taking place in Lillestrøm, this event promises to be Norway’s answer to Germany’s Gamescom, Sweden’s Gamex and of course, LA’s E3. It will run from November 30th to December 2nd, and of course, we couldn’t let such an event pass us by, so we are pleased to announce that Rain Games will be in attendance!

So if you’re going, and we hope you are, come see us! We’ll be staying in the indie-dev area, and we’ll be armed with a build of Teslagrad ready for your gaming enjoyment. Additionally, our poor Twitter account has been revived from its vaguely derelict state, and we will be posting pictures from the expo. So do follow us over there as well, to see some pictures of our ugly mugs struggling to get our booth up and running come November 30th, and maybe even getting some insight into what a day at the office is like.

We’re looking forward to seeing you all at Spillexpo!