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Never let it be said we’re under-staffed.

Previously, we told you about one of the additions to your arsenal, the blink-ability. Today, we’ll be revealing yet another cool device that will add even more depth to the way you play the game. Behold, the tesla staff.

This new tech delivers what we here at the office call a “long-range beam of magnetised death”, and will once again add a new element to the puzzle-solving. And indeed, this staff may be just what you need to defend yourself from one of the most gruesome creatures you will meet on your way… Because who knows what may lurk in the dark depths, in a place that the outside world would rather just forget…

What indeed…

Right! That’s quite enough ominous ambiguity for today.

Just as a reminder, we are closing in on the demo release, and we’re very excited to hear what you think. Our contact form is ready and able to listen to your feedback, so don’t hesitate to drop us a line once the demo releases and give us your thoughts.

Stay tuned!

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