Rain Games AS is a Norwegian independent video game developer forged from a cooperative community of local artists and programmers. We are interested in building a world that players can uncover through hints and details scattered within our games.

We are now composed of two development teams working on our next projects: Teslagrad 2 and Girl Genius!


Peter Wingaard Meldahl

CEO, Team leader and Level Design

Our dear, all-powerful boss! When he does not run the company he handles game design and storytelling.

Inventing and designing games since he was 12, he loves good stories and bold choices. He took a small break to study physics before going back to his first love and founding Rain Games.

Twitter: @petermeldahl

Discord: Rainypete#8805

Ole Ivar Rudi

Art Director

Does character designs and tries to tie the visuals from the other artists at Rain come together into a nice whole.

Dad jokes enthusiast, with the superpower to make bad puns materialize out of thin air. Likes swimming, sun, cats and old movies.

Twitter: @oleivarrudi

Aslak Helgesen

Lead artist

Thomas Tyssøy


Just showed up at Rain’s office one day and never left. Can program absolutely anything, but bosses fights are his big favourite!

Loves things that break in interesting ways.

Twitter: @StrideWideMan

Fredrik Ludvigsen


Our tools programmer, Unity Expert and System Administrator. He is the one who built our bug report system and made it available on the Unity asset store.

Beyond sharing knowledge and progress, his interests range from dancing to board games, and include anything related to math and physics.

Twitter: @fludvigsen_pub

Baste Buanes

Lead Programmer

Petter Almand


His main work consists in environment art and building worlds, but he also enjoys programming now and then.

He spends his free time making software, watching movies and eating whatever sweets he comes across.

Twitter: @petteramland

Carina Krafft


Even though her main task is gameplay programming, she likes to dabble in graphics programming and shaders from time to time.

In her free-time you can either find her hiking Norwegian mountain tops, or constructing new custom game controllers.

Kristine Teksle



Kenneth Engelsen

Team leader, Game designer

He’s the Tiki-shirt wearing Team Leader as well as a cocktail shaker! He lived a previous life as a professional Bar Manager before deciding that game development was his true calling.

He handles the reins of his team, the design decisions of his project, and even makes critical business decisions!

Twitter: @raingames_kenny

Lars Erik Helgemo


3D artist, illustrator, comic book artist, writer, video editor, UI/UX designer and waffle enthusiast! Outside of Rain, he is also the UI/UX lead at InkyPen and publishes his own weekly comic, Keep Busy, online.

He is always working on something, big or small, and it brings him great joy to see people entertained by what he makes.

Twitter: @helgemonster

Max Linke


Started as an intern, now we’re here… remotely. Resident enjoyer of caffeinated chocolate products.

Evangelia Koutsoukou


Born and raised in the land of moussaka, with a background in Fine Arts. After moving to Norway, Rain took her in to work with 2D and 3Dassets, as well as anything creative that she can contribute to!

There’s nothing she loves more than playing video games, curled up on the couch with her two cats.

Roland Kvam


His job consists in programming and implementing mechanics to create organised chaos!

On the side, he makes 3D, likes to cook, dabbles a bit with dancing and will never say no to a good movie marathon.

Did we mention? He can run a pretty fast 100m. Especially if he’s got running shoes with lights. “They go so fast!”

Hallvard Kristiansen

Writer, Marketing & Sales

Most of the time is actually spent re-writing. Started off with an education aimed at the movie industry, but after a short stint as a freelance storyboard artist he wanted to show his hand in a new medium.

Loves to delve in deep, dapper and dark lore, as well as frolicking in the rain, Frozen Margaritas and Salted Caramel Cupcakes. Follow the directive.

Discord: Hallvard#6783


Marion Claireaux


French ex-scientist who got adopted by the company to put out potential fires!

There is nothing she likes more than a new challenge, and is unstoppable once her mind is set. She loves going to the gym, teaches dancing and will make sure to provide a constant supply of french crêpes at the office.

Discord: mclaireaux#6393
Twitter: @MarionClaireaux