December 13th is finally here, and Teslagrad is slowly but surely being released into the wild. For you discerning ladies and gentlemen, we have quite a few venues where you can make a purchase of the lovely Teslagrad.

First up of course, is our own website, where you will be purchasing it through the Humble-store, which also nets you a Steam key. You can also just buy it directly from Steam itself. Then there’s Desura, if you’ve been hanging with us since we first uploaded it there. And finally, GoG which is of course the choice for anyone who wishes for their games to be totally DRM free.

So far, we have enjoyed very positive reviews of Teslagrad, and we hope this will reflect how you all will find Teslagrad once it finds its way into your homes. Stay tuned for news on the console releases, coming in 2014!

Please enjoy Teslagrad, and happy holidays from everyone here at Rain!

3 thoughts on “MAGNETS ARE COMING!”

  1. Congrats on the release! The game looks great.
    I’ve downloaded the demo, and I can get as far the opening menu, but when I try to start a new game, the music cuts out and I get stuck at a black screen. Any suggestions?

  2. I get exactly the same behavior (but from the full version). I get to see the menu, but then black screen during game play (with a couple of flat-pink polygons on the bottom left). I’m trying to run the game on a Macbook pro 2012 with Mavericks. I know releases are hard, so no big deal. Looking forward to the next update so I can enjoy the game. Looks fantastic!

  3. Game trailer looks great and i can’t wait to play. I’ve downloaded the full version through steam and i’m running it on windows 7. I can only get as far as opening the main menu window then the game crashes. Hope to update soon and can’t wait to play. Thanks guys!

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