Let’s go Wii U: Teslagrad available on eShop September 11th



Finally, the job is done. We ‘re really excited to announce the final (for real) release date for Teslagrad on Wii U! Write down, our little teslaboy is going to be waiting for you all September 11th, both in Europe and North America. It’s going to be the first time for our game to hit consoles, but hey, not the last. Perhaps you’re still waiting for the PlayStation 3 version, right? Then do not despair, because we can positively confirm that our teslaboy will be magnetizing things on PS3 this September too! We’ll give you the date as soon as it’s 100% confirmed. Ah, by the way. Remember that SOEDESCO is preparing a retail, phyisical version? They want you to pick the box art, don’t forget to drop by their Facebook and make your vote count.

17 thoughts on “Let’s go Wii U: Teslagrad available on eShop September 11th”

  1. Still don’t have a price for the physical copy (which WILL be available in Europe too). As for the digital, US$14.99/€14.99/£13.99. Thanks!

  2. Any updates on the physical Wii U release? Been searching around and can’t find anything other than “it’s coming,” but those posts are from months ago.

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