It took a bit of swearing, but…

…the website is finally starting to bend to our wishes. You might have noticed we’ve had a couple of gremlins as of late, and so we set about to do something about it. This resulted in having to untangle a couple of issues that spanned all the way back to the website’s inception. It was a slightly painful process, but we’ve quelled the worst of it. It is, however, an ongoing process, so hang tight while we work our behind-the-scenes magic.

In other news, we’re trying to wrangle the demo into submission (we haven’t forgotten!) and prepping for our trip to Oslo for Spillexpo (are you going?) Future fiendish puzzles are also being hatched by our tricky level designers as we speak, featuring this little guy.

Just don’t ask him to “do the robot”, or he’ll get very cross with you.

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