How does Minute Mayhem Work? Part 2

Here is another map from the game. The same characters are duking it out on the Motorland factory map. Here, crates sorted in a recognizable order are floating down a great conveyor belt. At the bottom of the screen all the packages are sent plummeting into a fiery abyss (just like at a real life post office.)

There are powerups distributed on this map too. These can have several different effects on your character. A heart is life. Grenades come in different types with different colors. They can create gravity wells, slow down time in an area, or simply blow things up, but you can only have one grenade at a time.

Lastly, you have the weapon pickups. They come in close combat, medium range and heavy varieties. This translates into different weapons for different characters. The weapons are not upgrades, but replace each other when you pick them up. This means that taking one of these upgrades represents a change in strategy. Maybe an adjustment to a strategy your opponents are using.

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