How does Minute Mayhem Work? Part 1

What exactly is Minute Mayhem? We got this question a few times in the past, so in ways of explanation, let us show you some pictures.

This is from an ingame scene. Four players are battling each other using the characters Drunkington (Lord Cloningtons ill-bred, alcoholic opposite that for some reason looks exactly like him), Dome, Hedvig and the Teslamancer.

The map is Nostalgia Gardens, named so for its architectural inspiration. This Anglorian garden is more than a passive battlefield, however. It comes complete with traps and spawning powerups to keep things lively.

The 4 players have 3 minutes to duke it out. They have 3 hearts each, and damage ranges from 1/2 heart and upwards pr attack. If you die you respawn after 3 seconds, but you lose a point. If you manage to kill someone, you gain 2 points.

The point of respawn is freely chosen while you are out, and you keep your weapon and grenades.

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