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Happy holidays!

So it’s THAT time of the year again. Families reunited, presents, christmas carols everywhere. Some people love it, others wish they could dig a hole in the ground and hide for a couple of weeks.knaus_dig

For us, the most exciting part is that we’ll be on 2017 in just a few days. And that means that the release of our new game, World to the West, will look much closer. So exciting… and scary at the same time! But we’re very confident that both newcomers and loyal fans will be satisfied with the final look of World to the West. A new, longer adventure, and an in-depth look at the universe we started to set up with Teslagrad. You’ll discover new nations and companions, unlock secrets and master amazing powers. And we’ve partnered with Soedesco again, so you can have your physical copy of the game, with soon-to-be-announced special goodies!

While you wait for World to the West, remember that you can play Teslagrad for the first time, if you havent’ done it yet (what have you been waiting for? :-)), or make a very special Tesla-present to a significant one, thanks to our current Christmas offers on Steam, Indiegala and Nintendo’s eShop. Enjoy Christmas, and see you around in 2017 for our trip to the West!