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Gameplay action screenshots!

Hello, everyone! Today we’ll be bringing you a fairly hefty update, namely selected screenshots from our newest build! A lot of hard work has gone into this build, and it most definitely shows. So we’d like to share a few chosen shots with you, that we hope you’ll find to your liking. (Click them for a better look.)

Selecting input method at game start.
A Teslamancer statue lights your path...
The tower holds many dangerous traps.
A Voltwalker is the first to greet you.
They will sometimes help you along.
A charged punch from the glove!
Elektropia's history looms behind you.

Some early-on puzzle solving.

Punch it up!

A friendly boost from the Voltwalker.
A not-so-friendly boost...
...and zap you go!
Fernus is your first opponent, a fierce battle between your ingenuity and his fierce flamebreath. Does that seem unfair? Certainly not...