Devblog #3: Swaying others
(01-24-2019, 11:16)Solvaag Wrote: Interesting post. Are you guys using a scientific framework as a basis for the social modelling? I know Markus should have at least some insight into social network theory.

I have read up on it. and we are doing some experimentation.
But first and foremost Mesmer has to work as a game. This means that we need to give the player some clues about what they do and how it affects the game, and it also means that we can not afford endless complexity "Behind the scenes."

But: Characters are all members of a social group. Their opinion affects the social classes opinion of you, and in turn the social groups opinion of you shapes the characters opinion as well. We have character traits for individuals that interact with this relation differently. The trait "Influentail" for instance means that the characters opinion of you modifies his groups opinion more.

The social groups are,
Our special interests:
The state (For police, judges, the mayor & other officials)
Foreign powers
The people

The characters that you will speak most to on a personal level and who have power in the city are all members of one of the special interests, while most of the people on the street walking past your posters and listening to your speeches are parts of the people. Influence with the people does not give you access to these special advantages, but it IS how you win the game in the end. It also makes it harder for the state to meddle with you.

I hope this answered your question a little bit. We have to keep things a little simpler than the literature.

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