Devblog #2: A rich, inner life
New update in our devblog!
Mesmer is a Social Simulator game, and this means that the characters you will interact with will react differently to each situation, and to the way you choose to treat them. Be nice with them, unpleasant, threatening maybe... but be very wary of the consequences.

[Image: My3OWDCiB_sTXP3eqxSyszSDe2sG9EtF9lEBWEcz...AiwD4VlZ0K]
Wow, can't wait to hear more! I've replayed your other games for fun, this one makes it seem necessary to see how different things can turn out.

Does indirect influence (NPCs influencing each other based off of what you do or say) happen as well, I assume? I could see how speaking before a whole group could propagate feelings easier, but harder to sway all of them if they are already at a higher level.

I can't wait to hear more about end goals and how this system will make a difference in how to achieve those!
Yes. Indirect influence happens a lot.
I will also get to the event system later on that drives a lot of the action.
Certain starting events can happen at any time. Others either Can or Might happen if certain criteria are met.
These events sometimes also center around characters and makes them want or do certain things, whether you interact with them or not. Essentially the city is alive.
But that is a whole other article where I will go far more into detail.
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Cool! Thanks for the reply!

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