Subforum rules
It takes 3 years to make a game, but it just takes an evening's discussion in the office to make a game idea. We have a lot of things that we would love to make at some point, and even some projects that we have dipped our toes in a little bit. Please don't share your own game ideas though. We don't want to steal them, and we might have thought about something really similar already. We would love feedback however. Especially in regards to whether you all thin an idea might be worth pursuing or not. At the moment, Rain has the funding to do one game at a time, but that is a matter of funding.

The first rule:
-Please do not suggest new project or game ideas beside the obvious. Asking us to make a sequel to something that we have made before, a game set in a particular part of our universe, suggest we ask Nintendo for the license to a character (Though... Good luck with that) or anything like that is fine, but a detailed idea with game mechanics & such leads to legal issues. So don't do that...
I know this sucks, and it makes me really sad. I love little more than discussing game ideas... 

The second rule:
-Do not expect us to commit to things. Communication as a game company is really hard for a lot of reasons, and this is why so many choose to communicate so little and hide so much. We are held to every promise we ever make, and often there will be forces outside our control as well that matter in whether we can do something or not. Commitments will remain as our press announcements. Sorry, but this is the only clear way to communicate that will not make a liar out of us.

This subforum is an experiment on my part. I have a lot of juicy game pitches here on my hard drive, and if you all show an interest in discussing them, then I will put up a couple more. I am not joking at all when I say that if this works, then it might shape Rain's future.

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