Off With their Heads

In the world that we started with Teslagrad there are 4 nations. 
One of these nations is Angloria. It is the home of Clonington and Hypodermia from World to the West. Rather than having the electomagnetic science of Teslagrad, Angloria is all based around biochemistry. To contrast the lightninghammer of Teslagrad, they use this insignia:


Currently the nation is ruled by a mad monarch. The young looking and now immortal queen of Angloria.


The game off with their heads is a VR game. You play as the queen of Angloria sitting on your throne and viewing your nervous court. 
People will come before you with ideas, and you can nod or shake your head to approve or disapprove of these. And if you really don't like them, you can turn to the side and give a nod to the hangman. Or axeman as the case might be.
No one in the court is safe of your wrath. So for instance if you don't like the musician playing the violin parts of the ingame music in the back of the court, then a look at him and a nod to the hangman, and the rest of the game will be Violin-free.


The core gameplay is a little bit like Reigns, though we want to make each interaction a little more complex, and put in a lot of non-explicit possible interactions. Like when a merchant wants to sell you new drapes for the throne room then the price might suddenly drop as you casually glance over at the hangman. 

Since you are a little mad as the queen and you view all your subjects as your playthings we are going to do every character in the game as a wood toy person. Not really the case, but this helps us set the right mood and make the regular decapitations a little more family friendly. In this place death is more absurd and funny while still feeling a little grim and dangerous. 

We made all the core interactions possible by just moving your head. Something that registers on every VR headset as the system uses it to display the correct image to you. As such we wanted to do this game for most everything that uses VR. I guess porting is really our thing, as Teslagrad runs on something like 14 different platforms at this point (You get a cookie if you can name them all :-P).

Though for the neat sets that have nice hand controllers we put in a couple of items that you could play with. Torturing your subjects as they make their requests is just better if you can casually eat an apple while they make their plea, and throw the core at their face before giving your judgement. Not a necessary feature to play this game, though a little extra decadence just makes everything better.


Finally, in case you are interested we had a pitch document that we made for investors. If you would like to take a look, I have linked it

We have actually built a prototype for the game, and we could perhaps show it off a bit if there is interest. 
Sadly it has turned out that we could not get funding for continuing this project trough our regular channels. :-( But I still love this idea.
If this had worked then it would have meant finally establishing a second team here at Rain, and practically doubling our output of games. 

I look forward to hearing your thoughts.
Ah... Turns out the images were not visible for a little while there.
Getting used to the new forum.
They should be up now, though.
Happy to see this game idea you already had a few years ago taking shape into gorgeous concept arts!

Few questions:
Is this a rogue-lite (like Reigns) or more of a story-driven game ?
What is the end-game goal if there is any ?
good job

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