We are looking for volunteers to help us test Mesmer.
It is still early days, so this will be an Alpha test. 
We aim to get things started in a little over a month.

If you are interested in joining testing, then please leave a message here or contact me in some other way. There is a whole hidden part of this forum dedicated to testing. If you join, you will of course get access to that as well.

As a reward, we will give all testers that do any useful reporting of issues a Steam key for Mesmer upon release :-)
I'd love to help out in testing. Here's my system info if that helps with the selection process:
OS: SteamOS beta repository (very stable despite the name)
CPU Vendor: Intel
CPU Model: i5 6400T @ 2.8GHz
GPU Vendor: Nvidia
GPU Model: GeForce GTX 960
GPU Driver: Proprietary (396.54 I think)
Resolution: 1920x1080
Gamepad: Steam Controller
Thanks, and duly noted.
You are one of our longtime fans as well, so it will be great to have you as a tester :-)
When we have the build ready, I will use this thread as a list to compile the first testers. 
Please send me a mail with you full name to peter (at) rain-games (dot) com so that I have your email for when we have more info to send out.
Hi Peter
Count me in Smile
Looking forward to help you this time as well
(was testing WttW for Rain before since early alpha).
Great stuff.
Good to have you back!
Hi Peter,

I'd be really interested in helping out, if you think my laptop can handle it!

I've got a Ryzen 5 processor, 8GB of RAM, and it's running Vega 8 graphics (it's running a lot of stuff surprisingly well!)

Loved both of your previous games, so the chance to help out with Mesmer would be great!


I would love to be a tester in one of your videogames!I truely loved Teslagrad,its one of my favourite 2d platform games with a great story and music. Smile
I'd be interested in joining the alpha test. I'm using a laptop with an i7-7700HQ, 16GB RAM, and 1060 Max-Q.

I'd like to help you guys. However you should know I've never tested a game before and also I live in Belgium which can be an issue...
Anyways I'm totally in if it's possible. If not I just want to say how very excited I'm for Mesmer. I love the universe you guys have built and are building. I hope Mesmer will be a success and that many games will come after that ^^
Greetings, fellas!

SirDrillian from Twitter here. I'd be honored to help test out Mesmer! Do you need any information or computer specifications from me?
Great. Optimization is usually a thing that we do gradually, meaning that the earlierst builds will likely be pretty punishing to your poor laptop, but it's still good to take a look at these things early on.

Kosmas pec
Always great with a Teslagrad fan. We put the old Teslagrad forum posts up on this new forum. Once we get you all on board as testers, you will also be able to see the old Teslagrad Beta Testing forum. All that stuff has not been available on the internet for a while, but I am happy that it's back.
All our music is made by Jørn Lavoll & Linn Katrin Taklo. These people: https://www.jornlavoll.com/
They have some other music around the net if you are interesed in checking out other stuff they have been working on.

Welcome to Mesmer testing. Thanks for the specs.

Tertius Hawk
Living in Belgium is no issue. If any of you live close to Bergen, Norway, or you happen to be close to here for any reason, then you could visit the office as a nice extra perk. But other than that we are happy to have testers all across the world. It's even good to have different perspectives.

Welcome on board.
In regards to specs, we don't strictly need them but they are always nice. Though I think I will create a thread in Mesmer Test in order to get all this in one place.

To everyone: Welcome to the tester list. I have given you tester status.
This means that the Mesmer Test forum as well as the old Teslagrad Test forums should both be visible to you now. Make a post here if there are any issues with that.
Please take a look at the Mesmer Test subforum and write your email in there so that I can reach you when it's time to send out a build.
Hi there, I'd like to test Mesmer. Smile I also live in Bergen. >_>
Perfect. I have added you to the tester group.
Is this Steam PC only or Steam Mac too? Thank you for any and all responses.
Unless it turns out to be a major hurdle, we'll just push out a mac build simultaneously. Not sure about the dates for the first builds yet though.
I would love to help test! Teslagrad is still one of the few games I've ever finshed and just sat there staring at the screen like "that was awesome." And I'm incredibly excited to see what you're up to! I've got a pc with an i7 6th gen Intel processor, 32 GB of RAM, and an 8 GB graphics card, so it *should* be able to handle just about anything you throw at it .
Hello! I'm Fran Loscos and tested a bit Teslagrad and WttW. I would love to help in this new adventure as well! :-)
Hi Peter Smile

I'd love to participate in testing Mesmer !

Here are my specs:
OS: Windows 10
CPU Vendor: Intel
CPU Model: i7 3770k @ 3.5GHz
GPU Vendor: AMD
GPU Model: Radeon HD 7900
Resolution: 1920x1080
Gamepad: Xbox 360
Welcome Kyjae, Metr and PettyFrenchMan

Kyjae; I love that you had such a great time with Teslagrad.
Did you know there is a secret ending?

Metr and PrettyFrenchMan:
Welcome back to old testers.
PrettyFrenchMan was an intern here in Rain during the development of WttW as well. Among other things, he made the fish spawn and swim around in the ponds & Streams. Great to have you in the forum.

I have made you all Betatesters. If you could leave your email addresses in the thread in the Beta version of the forum that you should now be able to see, then I would greatly appreciate it.
Hey, I'd be very happy to help out as well! Are you guys planning a Linux version as well or will that come later?

I'm in uni right now so I'm not sure how much time I'd be able to dedicate to it, but I'd love to help out as much as I can.
I played through Teslagrad yesterday and I really liked it. Lavoll directed me here after I said I'd be interested in testing other games made by you guys.

So here I am! I come from an IT background, hence I test extra thoroughly Wink

AMD Ryzen 5 1600X
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB
1920x1080 / 1680x1050

... + Nintendo Switch Smile
Finding all the scrolls in teslagrad took so long, but it was totally worth it. I can't seem to find the beta forum, but I could just be missing it. It should be under forums>mesmer> then beta or something like that?
(01-18-2019, 15:55)cimpu Wrote: Hey, I'd be very happy to help out as well!  Are you guys planning a Linux version as well or will that come later?

I'm in uni right now so I'm not sure how much time I'd be able to dedicate to it, but I'd love to help out as much as I can.

Their other games were same day releases on Win, Mac, and Linux so here's to hoping for a repeat of that!
I've added Kyjae, PrettyFrenchMan, cimpu and cuiAccu to the tester list.
Sorry for the delay.

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