Do you approve hacks of your game ?
Hello Rain Games !

I'm MetalFox Dioxymore, Teslagrad Sciencist, WttW beta-tester and current WR holder of the Teslagrad Any% category =).

For some monthes, I've been working on a "Training Mod" for Teslagrad that would add features in order to train efficiently the speedrun of Teslagrad and have a better understanding of the game's physics (displaying information on screen, such as the player's coordinates and speed, its blink location/cooldown, the bounds of all GameObjects...).

To do so, I decompile the game's dll, inject my own code (which adds all those features) and recompile the dll. It is a little project that I do during my free time and that I wanted to share with the Teslagrad Speedrunning community once finished, to make the speedrun of the game more accessible. However, somebody told me that it was wrong to do so without the permission of the developers. I just never though my little hack could be harmful, or even to have some importance since it's just a little thing on my desktop, but I understand the concern and it made me think.

So I wanted to ask, what is Rain Games' position about Teslagrad's Modding ? It's a bit late to ask, since I've been working on it for some time, but only one copy of that hack exists for the moment, so I can erase it without problem.

Let me precise some points that are, I think, important :
- The original copy of the game is still needed for the mod to work. It's done only by modifying one dll, I do not (and will never) provide a copy of the game.
- I do not (and will never) get any sort of remuneration from this. I just want to provide a free tool for the speedrunners.

More than the "Training Mod", I ask this question for any type of hack (I was thinking about trying to do custom levels, for exemple). Are you OK with players modifying your game, or is it prohibited ?

~MetalFox Dioxymore

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