Questions about the game's logic
As I said in the presentation topic, I'm a speedrunner dedicated to glitch hunting =). And, because 20 minutes to finish the game is still too much, I'm still searching some ways to break it ! So I have a lot of questions about how does the game is made, its logic, its algorithms... We sent a french spy to your office last month, but it was not enough =p !

Of course, if the devs doesn't want to answer some, I understand xD. It's basically "explain me how the beat the crap of your baby"...

So, here we go !

I - Rooms loading management

Correct me if I'm wrong, but the game seems to load every rooms that is connected to the actual room, right ? I tested this : if I avoid checkpoints while going to a far room and die there, the game softlocks, because the room of the last checkpoint isn't loaded anymore.

BUT some rooms seems to not load until you activate a certain trigger : the scroll's altar, for exemple. When your are in the bottom of the tower, this room seems to be loaded only if you beat Orb... Is that right ? We tried Out of Bounds, Extended Blink Hitbox, but it seems impossible to reach that room before defeating Orb...

Alternate question : are there other rooms that aren't loaded until your reach some trigger ? And, if yes, what are their triggers ? I think that the "100% ending" is another room like this... I though for a moment that the tower portion at the left of the Oleg's fight room isn't loaded before you beat Oleg, but I'm not sure anymore (maybe the checkpoint is just too far to be reached with Extended Blink Hitbox)...

II - Invisible glitch ?

There is a glitch that is provoked by making a new game from a save in the village, and makes us invisible to enemies, a bit explained here :
Why does the enemies doesn't "sees" us in that configuration ? Does the game considers us elsewhere the whole time ? Is there a "presence hitbox" that does not load properly ?

III - That mysterious fast-climbing
THIS is the video that may show the next major trick... It is quite old (version 1.2) and we don't understand it at all. The game considers the teslakid as "on the ground" all the time, making the animations glitchy and the vine climb super fast. We have spent countless hours to reproduce it, in vain. We don't even know if it has been patched of not... Do you have an idea of what is happening ? How to reproduce it ?

IV - Given character vs Loaded character

The game sometimes reacts differently with the given character (the one that spawns at the very beginning, during the cinematic) and a loaded character (loaded game or after a death). The best exemple is the trials skip, that must be done with precise jumps with the given character (, and just by standing on with a loaded character (a strat we use in actual routes, since we skip the intro by quitting and reloading the save). What are the differences between the given character and the loaded one ?

I have a lot of questions still, but 4 are enough for the moment =) !
Thanks for any answer ! I hope I've been clear enough ^^ !

~ MetalFox Dioxymore

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