Some tech info: Antialiasing on Nvidia cards
Hi guys, as there are a lot of people here with more Linux experience than me, I would like to ask you something, does antialiasing work with you people who have Nvidia cards? I tried using the application configuration, the driver enhancement and override options but nothing works, is there any way to enable it or it is a common issue? I noticed playing Surgeon Simulator 2013 and today playing Dota 2, then I put some attention and also noticed that it happens with my other games, if it´s really active than it doesn´t smooth the edges too much (I play games one way or another, I only want to know if this is a bug or issue with drivers, this kind of stuff).

My card is a Nvidia GTX 650 and I am using the proprietary driver, version 310.14

My full specs:

I thank you in advance!
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AA seems to work fine in Linux according to this benchmark. But personally I have tried forcing it on in control panel as well for Teslagrad, but I saw no difference. But maybe that's for some technical reason I don't understand. Generally I just use the options a game provides, instead of overriding or adding options with the graphics driver's control panel.
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Thanks D1G1T4L3CH0, I think everything is right, I know that Dota 2 had an issue with AA and they fixed it on the last updates, I am leaving everything for the game´s options, no overrides or additions from the control panel.
There are only two kind of games for me, the fun and the ones that aren´t fun at all.

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