Controller mapping files for automatic detection
The latest version of Teslagrad (latest branch required for Mac) will write gamepad mapping files when exiting the controls menu (if you have a gamepad connected).
These files can be used by Rain to implement fully automatic gamepad mapping in future versions of the game.
The files can be found at:
  • Windows: %UserProfile%\AppData\LocalLow\Rain\Teslagrad\ConfiguredGamepads
  • Linux: ~/.config/unity3d/Rain/Teslagrad/ConfiguredGamepads
  • Mac: ~/Library/Caches/unity.Rain.Teslagrad/ConfiguredGamepads
If you feel that your controller should be supported by default in Teslagrad, please share this file with us!

The default layout should work like the following. The X- and Y-axis should use the default directional control on the left thumb, regardless if it is analog or not.

You can post the content here, or send the file to
Hm, I tried the 1.1 on steam, but without controller, using keyboard as usual, and I cannot use it properly.
It's like the left button is always pressed, same as up, so I have to navigate the main menu using the mouse and I can't move properly in game.
In previous GOG version is working ok.
Checking the controller settings for both gamepad and keyboard, they are as usual in both versions.
Hmm... it seems there is some issues going on with the new controls menu.

Could you provide a screenshot from the controls menu?

If you look at SettingsConfig.asset, do you see anything unusual? Or post it here maybe?

Prior to the update, were you using the alternate setup with the arrow keys and wasd swapped?
My bad I had an X marked on cloak :S

Now works ^_^
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