Finding scrolls?
So I'm at a point where I need 15 scrolls, but I only have 13.
Is there a way to find where scrolls are on the map? I've visited all the rooms I can atleast once, but do I need to backtrack through everything to find the missing ones? I know where one is, but I can't seem to get it because it disappears.
You need to be fast there.
The locations are secret, but if you know your way around the internet, you'll be able to cheat :-)
Alright, but is there a way to get an overview over which rooms carry scrolls?
I probably can make a map, not sure. I've got them all but can't remember exact locations.
There is no official information revealing which rooms contain scrolls, no.
There are 36 scrolls so getting 15 shouldn't be very hard. To start with you can check Metr's speedrun from the demo. that reveals the 9 scrolls that were available in the demo
Some scrolls changed position since demo, btw. Like there is now one scroll in the dark room and one in the cage with 2 Gru.
More correctly there are now extra scrolls in the zones that were available in the demo. All scrolls from the demo are still there. Missing 6 scrolls at the moment but I think I forgot the one in the cage area. Are there any scrolls outside before entering the tower?
Nope, all scrolls are in the tower only.
Down to 2 now, missing 25 and 32. Might have to do a complete play through to again to notice the locations for those
Here is a hint: where did you find 31 and 33? Somewhere between these locations is 32 (path is linear when progressing forward)

P.S. I think I know where 32 is - right after the Magnetic Bridge location, the upper room, after you pass the first mini-shaft where you have to switch cloak polarities quickly to be liftedup. When you get up, go right and you will see the hole above. The solution for puzzle in that room actually spoilered in trailer, haha. (although it is not that hard)
Yeah found the 25( forgot the chandeliers after the human boss with the gun) and the hole before seeing your post. took a few minutes to actually get up, since I have enough problems with the easier ladder and was slow in realising it was the same type of ladder.

Finished now with all scrolls.
In the testing zone / general discussion there is a thread called 'cards' with a video of all locations in order. I'll upload a better (not alpha) video soon, just don't want spoil until is right to do it :D
Also, alpha has only 33 scrolls IIRC, while final is 36.
The latest alpha is equivalent to the full version except for debugging details, like the bug reporting feature.
Yep I recorded the full game on alpha. The full video is on the new game plus! thread in general discussion/betatest area.
But there are some differencies like "scales" in the roof before the hotel and stuff like that compared to the full version.
Metr: Do you have any full clear times with all scrolls?

I have done a playthrough now with a 77 minute time to finish Guerickes Orb with 5 minutes wasted on Oleg, 11 minutes wasted on the race up the tower for the scroll and 8 minutes in the room with scroll 32.

It takes about 5 minutes to get the last scrolls missing after that. Had not gotten the 2 at start( library and the the scroll taken first in the demo). was also missing the 2 scrolls just to the left of the tower that most people will get just after where the demo ends. Also had the scroll in darkness and the scroll in the cage left following fernus. Lastly was missing the scroll just after the cloak that requires the Staff and the one just before the teleport room.

Haven't gone forward yet from there to the King so not sure how long that takes but assuming 12 minutes that would be a 70 minute run without those extreme mistakes in a run with a lot of small flaws. So under an hour shouldn't be extremely hard and just wondering if you already have a time under an hour or anything close to it.
Around 64 minutes playing bad and trying some stuff that could be bugs just to show. You can check the video. I usually get the library after ending first theater. dark room one and the other to the right after exit the cloak area to tower. So then I can do normal walkthrough. Stuff I need to do better are the scrolls of the Tree zone. And last thing I do after guerickos is just to go to scroll nr 2 that needs staff.
I prefer having the cloak for the library since you don't have to wait for a robot then, also quicker to raise the four blocks with the staff. Not sure what is faster taking the first scroll at the start by waiting for a robot or just taking it the same time as the library using a cloak and boots to get it quickly. But after first theater I go straight into the tree room with no breaks, jumping while taking the flower at the bottom to skip going into the room that requires a cube to shoot yourself up. Therefor I take the scroll there and the stand alone theater later using cloak again to make it quicker.( can take the stand alone theater earlier as well doesn't really matter). Also take the dark room one and cage after Guerickos because you start in the first room on the way there any way after the fight with him, not loosing anytime backtracking to that spot.

All these scrolls are relatively concentrated and I don't need any backtracking during the run except for back from Fernus and then these last scrolls. I did take the scroll with 2 crossing blue magnetic fields in the tree right after getting the cloak but might be better to take it on the way back to the scroll that needs the staff since you are already coming back to that area then.

Can't see any video don't have access to the testing zone
Not having any map indicator for scrolls is not a big deal considering the amount of the scrolls.
On the other hand it would be great to have Metroid Fusion like indicator for rooms, which have scrolls inside as well as being able to zoom in/out and move the map.

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