Resolution problems.

having a little problem with the game resolution.
found this on the steam forum.

"if it is not much of a hassle you could open:

with notepad and change

resolutionWidth: 1024
resolutionHeight: 768

To desired values. It also would make sense to set:
vSync: to True
and, if problem still there after that:
isFullScreen to False

Save, start the game again."

but couldn't find the file. do any of you have any idea on how to fix this??

please help me..

If the game has not started yet, the file will not exist.

If you're using Windows XP, the file will not be under 'c:\Users\...' but it will be under 'c:\Documents and Settings\...'

Could you describe the problem that you're trying to solve?
He is talking about this problem:

You guys completely forgot about steam forums :3
Oh.... that's a thing.

Thx Kein!! I'll go there now I guess...

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