Welcome to Teslagrad Forum! – Introduce yourself thread.
As long as it's broken by speedrunners, and not broken to new players, I'm not worried.
I wanted to register here for a long time, but totally forgot x).

I'm MetalFox Dioxymore, a french Teslagrad Speedrunner for ~1 year now. Basically, I'm a glitch hunter, always trying to push any game I play in its limits, just to see how it has been made, or try unusual stuff to see what happen. Everytime I succeed to break a game design, I'm happy and I sleep well. Yeah, I know, it's a strange hobby, but, why not ?

I felt in love with Teslagrad thanks to MisterJack (and to Lavoll, it's that "TeslagradSangen" song that made me buy the game first) and, after some casual plays, I started doing what I do the best. All my findings are on my youtube channel (https://www.youtube.com/user/MetalFoxDoS/), even if a lot of stuff can be now seen on the regular runs =D.

But even if I learned a lot of things about how the game is made, I still have TONS of questions about how does it works. I don't know if all my questions are "answerable" (the devs may have their secrets =p) but maybe I can find some answers here =) ?

~MetalFox Dioxymore
Feel free to ask questions if you don't find what you're looking for :-)
I just came across your game Teslagrad on Steam and decided to pick it up after playing the demo. I can't believe I never heard of it before, it's one of the best pixel-based indie games on there.

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