Welcome to Teslagrad Forum! – Introduce yourself thread.
Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages!

Welcome to Rain AS and Teslagrad official forum. Please make yourselves comfortable, and take some time to get the full equipment. Is the gauntlet ready? Checked blue and red colors? Ok, so let's start :D.

We hope this forum to be a true meeting point for all of you, fans and players of the game. And also for us, the team (ultimatelly players too :P). Feel free to start new posts, but it could be even better if you make your first step on the forum introducing yourself here! Come on, don't be shy!
Hi all.

My name is Peter Meldahl, my nic is Rainypete on a lot of forums and boards. Not here though, This is Home Turf :-).
I am the one that gathered the Rain team togeter, and I am still the one that does a lot of the meetings, representation, applications, interviews and other talky stuff.
However: I still self- identify as a game designer, and I hope I get to keep this wonderful role in the future.
I might be the boss at Rain, but essencially the structure here is pretty flat. Everyone makes the decisions within their own dicipline, and I see to that it is all coordinated.

Rain is still a young company, and there isn't a lot of cash to go around yet. I have got what must be the best evening extra job in the world, tho: Teaching the kids to make videogames.

My name is Fredrik Ludvigsen, I have been the lead programmer on Teslagrad since the beginning in 2011. Some concepts had been made at that time, but not a single line of code had been written.

At Rain I specialize in toolchain and engine development, but I often also do minor level tweaks and super minor art details.
I also manage all our servers and help Peter stay on the 'Good' side of political and ethical discussions.

Occasionally I seem to act as the good conscience of Rain, but I always prioritize our survival when I have to. I can assure you all that I'm not going to force always-on DRM solutions down any throats any time soon.
My name is Ole Ivar (olli) Rudi, and I'm the AD and main character artist at Rain Games.

Also, I try to help Peter stay on the 'evil' side of political and ethical discussions, usually before apologizing and making it clear that i was just pulling his leg.
Ahoy, interneteers and interneteurs.
I'm Holm, Lead Pretty Boy at Rain Games.
Today I'll be talking a bit about myself, so you don't have to.

So, what does it mean to be Lead Pretty Boy?
Good question, hypothetical reader!
One of my core duties in Rain is to be the prettiest in the office, for morale.
I also have to compete with other companies such as Henchman & Goon and D-Pad Studio for being the most lovable, charming and gosh darn handsome game company this side of earth's molten core.

I also do level design.
Nice to meet you Rain Games Team (Edu, Peter, Fredrik, Olli and Rainy Holm) in this new exchange area.

Quote:Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.
Teslagrad is one of them to me currently, as it was for
• Portal2, Antichamber
• Hammerfest, Blocks That Matter, Super Meat Boy, Offspring Fling, Monaco, Spelunky
(for those wishing to make discoveries)

Fluidity, lightness, reflection, instrospection, secrets, winks, etc; are their common points. Now you know my deep spirit track on this curious Earth.
Hi duders.

My name is Marte and my role at Rain is generally boiled down into the all-encompassing term of "writer." I write a lot of our blogposts, Facebook posts, our Greenlight post, I interact with you lovely people via Twitter, and generally just try to help out at the office whenever someone needs several words strung together in a sentence. I've also worked on expanding the universe in which Teslagrad is set, and my mind is constantly filled with concepts for future projects. I'm posting under the alias of "Rawrbomb" on our Steam page.

I like comic books and I spend an embarrassing amount of time thinking about languages.
Rain Staff - Word-jockey, blogwrangler and secret pirate captain.
Time to introduce myself! I'm Edu, and I'm that kind of person which write something, read it, rewrite it and repeat the cycle until being slightly satisfied. Also, I've been a video game writer for several years, so my main labour here is to deal with media and spread Rain Games awesomeness around the world. You can find me showing stuff on out social networks!

I also have three dogs, and I seriously think that God Hand is one of the best games ever.
Hey guys.

I've been working on Darkout as a Tester and Forum moderator for the last six months. I've found this game yesterday and thought it looks really good. I am happy to help test the game and I hope to help the game pregress to a very solid release and even after that if that's an option. :)
OS: Ubuntu 13.04 64-bit, Windows 8 Pro 64-bit | CPU: Intel Core i7 920 2.66GHz | RAM: 3 x 1GB Corsair XMS 1600MHz | GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 285
Hi everyone, I'm Petruza from Argentina, I'm constantly looking for new interesting indie games to play. I'm also a developer and enjoy more Indie games than any other kind. I hope I can beta test Teslagrad and get it when it comes out.
See you around.
Welcome, buddies! :D
Oh and forgot to mention I'm a fan of Nikola also!
Hi all, I am Jon otherwise known as NoXiD. I am a Linux gamer through and through and cant wait to test this game and see it through to completion. Not much else to say, other than you can ask me anything and I will help with anything I can :D
Hey there my name's Liam (as you may tell..) I own http://www.gamingonlinux.com and will be testing for Linux :)
Wow... so many important people here already!
Well, my turn I guess...

I'm David but I always go as Bullfrog in the digital world (nay, it isn't connected to the great Bullfrog Productions, who brought to us gems like Syndicate, Dungeon Keeper and other great games back in the days... but I'm surely not regretting the coincidence). I'm originally from Italy but for work I've been moving quite a bit in the past 10 years-ish and I'm now writing this from my new home in Singapore.
I'm no game developer (sorry, I think I lack in artistic side) but I was a busy coder for industrial applications before going Dark Side and becoming an IT manager. I'm a gamer at heart and even now I spend most of my screen time playing, with preference in strategy games and FPS. I'm a hard core Linux evangelist (you know... with penguin tattoos and all) and I've recently taken apart my Windows rig as I felt that the era for serious gaming on Linux was at hand... and I guess that's why I'm here! :)

Still awake there? Oh well... that's it, folks!
Some big names here!

My name's Pedro Mateus and I'm the latest co-host on and official hypeman for LinuxGameCast.

I went full metal Linux a few months back and to be honest, I don't regret it.

I'm also on Twitter @UnaccountedFour and on Google+.
Hi all,
I am Sibu and I live in India. I am working a Software Quality Engineer for the past 5 years.
Thanks Teslagrad for inviting me to be part of the team. This is the first time I am be past of a game testing. I am gamer at heart and I mainly like strategic single person games.
Hi all!

My name is Iván and I'm from Spain.

Hope to help with the linux alpha testing (I've already installed Desura and can't wait to play), and to have fun over here.

Thanks to Rain AS for bringing another game to the Linux gamer community!

Hello anyone

Im Dennis, im 32 and a family father and i live in Denmark.

On the web i usually use dlykker or tiraminaz as my nickname. Im using GNU/Linux, Archlinux to be more precise.. Been using GNU/Linux for 7 years now. I'll act as a testing person on the game. I also write about GNU/Linux and open source news on my website www.linuxnyheder.dk (Danish Linux/open source site) Im the admin there but i dont have any educations or degrees in software, i just know my way around or simply google it :)

I use GNU/Linux as my gaming platform, so im familiar with Desura, Steam and Wine.

My Lanuage is Danish and English (German and French i passed but cant count to 10 in either of the languages:S)
Howdy :o)

My name is Dimitris, and I'm from Greece. When in forums I go by the nickname of "kabamaru" which is my favorite Manga with the most horrible -and hilarious- dubbing in TV history.

I use Slackware Linux as my operating system and gaming platform. I also like to play old games like Gobliiins, Flashback, or Adam's Family on my pimped up Amiga 1200.

I hope to prove useful by testing Teslagrad's Linux alpha. Good to meet the Dev team too :)
Hi all, I am Ivan from Croatia. Computer Science student, gamer, Linux user and my main distro is Arch Linux.
Can't wait to try Teslagrad!
Hi, Im Piotr "malek69" Malkowski, old gamer and Linux user.

My name is Gabriel and I am a computer scientist from Brazil. I usually go by the nickname gftg85, as it is always available. :)
Never tested any games, but tested a lot of other software and hardware in the past. I hope that helps. ;)

Hi all, my name is Jebril I'm 23 and am doing testing on this game for Linux, I tinker around a lot with the Linux OS so I like these kind of things. I also enjoy gaming on my free time when I heard that these developers needed testers for Linux I'd figure I'd try to help out as much as possible. Thank you for having me on board with you guys.

I'm Joe, a PhD student in Computer Engineering in the USA. I've been a Linux (Gentoo) user exclusively since 2004, and a gamer since my TI 99/4A! I'm pretty happy to see games finally coming to Linux, this one looks great!

Glad to help with testing!
Hi my name is Sergio I am a avid linux gamer and python programmer. Other than playing games I work for verizon communications and a father of 3. I am very excited to test this game and looking forward to helping find any bugs that maybe in the game. Oh and my distro of choice is Arch with Gnome 3 as DE.
Hi guys!

First of all it´s very nice to meet you, my name is Fabrício and I live in Brazil, the nickname I use everywhere is Lord Avallon, so if you see this nick with this avatar somewhere, it´s me (unless someone is copying me and I don´t know :)). I participated in various beta tests, from MMO´s to Steam for Linux, Portal and Left 4 Dead 2, I am a gamer since the times of the Atari 2600 and my first computer was an MSX. When I saw the Teslagrad trailer video I got impressed by the graphics and animation, I knew it was a game I wanted to have, then I read they were needing testers and I didn´t wait, I really want to contribute to make this game very polished! My distribution is Ubuntu 12.04.2 with Unity desktop.

Best regards to all and Rain Games, thank you very much for this opportunity!
There are only two kind of games for me, the fun and the ones that aren´t fun at all.
Hey everybody,

I'm Andrew, and I'll be trying things out on Ubuntu 12.04, and 13.04, on a variety of crappy and not so crappy hardware.

Hi guys,

I am Felix Bytow and I am here for the Linux testing.
I'll test Teslagrad mostly on Gentoo x64.

I am 22 years old and work as a software developer for a little local company (~20 people).
Most stuff is hacked in perl though my personal favorite is C++ for 8 years now :D

Oh yeah, I'd like to say goodbye to windows forever.
But for that to come true there have to be more native linux games,
that are actually innovative... There is no need for another quake 3 if you know what I mean ;-)

This is why I like to support people that are willing to bring their games to my favorite operating system :D

my name is Dennis and I am also a Linux gamer. I am living in Germany and I am using Linux for 2 Years now (4 years at work).

In my free time i am playing a lot of games, doing some stuff with Blender and some virtual machine testing.

Right now I am using Linux Mint 15 with Mate DE.

I can't wait to test this game =)

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