New demo version
Version 0.12 of the demo was released today!
These are some notable changes:

  • Norwegian language
  • support for two buttons per action
  • demo end screen does not mention greenlight anymore :'-)
  • a ton of bugs
  • a ton of graphical details
  • build size by using compressed texture formats
  • gallery view
  • graphics in lots of rooms
  • loading time of scenes in the background
  • magnet flies will not leave their room anymore
  • memory usage does not grow per scene anymore
  • rendering performance in some specific scenes
  • the actual resolution from settings is stored, not it's index.
  • timing of the sounds in the first theater
Quote:Norwegian language
Ooh... any chance to somehow add a language file to test?
There is a Norwegian language file attached.
Try to set your system language to Norwegian and see if it works :-)
No, I mean - is there any way to copy russian language into the resources and the game will pick it up?
No, sorry. The translations currently get compiled into the game.
Why do not you use keywords which you can load from files (and some languages you can compile into the code)? The teslagrad fans can make the translations, the fans have more people and more free time than you. If you do this, I think very soon will be translated into many languages ​​Smile
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We have a translators version of the game, which runs in Unity only. It's not for the public though, it's only for those who've been accepted as a translator by edu. We want this done as properly as possible.
Thats ok, but why do you not make the program able to load language from files? And if somebody translated to language this file can be post to you AND if you try the language you can see the keywords is fit there where needed, and if something wrong you can easly edit Smile and if everything is OK then can be compile into the program. Oh and I think i must send email to Edu, i want to translate into Hungarian. Big Grin
Ubuntu 14.04.01 64bit / 4 Intel Core / 8GB RAM / SSD powered
Well, it's possible to do, but I'm not sure it would be worthwhile. Language is certainly not a main feature in Teslagrad, but it's a necessity, to some degree.
Letting the public modify the menu language does not add much value to most of our players. At least, that is what I think personally.
I am a perfectionist, for me, if a game knows not only in English but also my own language that makes me happy, and I will play with it more times, because I do not have to translate every line of text when I try to enjoy the game. It's true, this game does not have much translatable world, thats why I suggested the cummunity translate option.

Anyway I'am still waiting what I have to translate into Hungarian, the game was translated to many language, why my own language is missing Sad
Ubuntu 14.04.01 64bit / 4 Intel Core / 8GB RAM / SSD powered
I am really glad to hear about new update. Last one wasn't that nice what i expected :/

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