Steam trading cards for Teslagrad?
As I experienced it more deeply the past days I can tell you how it works, you can set a total number of cards for your game, let´s say 8 for Teslagrad, than half of this number you can get by playing the game (they appear on your inventory), the other 4 you can get by trading or buying them from other players, when you get all card drops available for your game (in this case 4 for Teslagrad) you are eligible to get a booster with more cards (I think it´s one every week or something) and you can get other cards, but everything is random. Once you get the 8 cards of the set you can craft a badge that gives xp to level up on Steam along with some goodies like wallpapers, emoticons, discount coupons and so on. One thing I found really interesting is that everytime I sell a card, I pay a fee that includes one percentage of this amount to Steam and other to the game´s developer, so you can earn on every transaction. I think it would be awesome to include this feature on Teslagrad, if you make some awesome arts (and I know olli can do it), the cards will be very wanted and trades will happen, you should really get informed about it since it can be good to you too guys.
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