Real world inspirations for Teslagrad
The Tesla Tower, the looming structure that most of the game takes place in, is loosely based on the original concept drawings for Stalin's Palace of Culture and Science
only wildly extaggerated and given a electrical rod at the top of the statue instead of a giant statue.

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Interesting! Also, first image is chocolate label.
i had no idea! that's awesome.

here are some more inspirations, the romantic art is kind of loose inspiration for a loose scandi-russian cultural grounding, the plant is Pollia condensata-the shiniest plant in the world, which served as inpiration for the bio-electric flowers (or power plants, as they're known in the office) that charge you in the game.

in addition there's some buildings from bergen that stem from pre-industrial times that influenced the look of the city in Teslagrad

old automatons were a source of inspiration for the mechanical theatre sequences.

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