The other Nords
The Norwegian Indie scene is really getting some momentum. Today we are doing a friendship post with Krillbite. Their game "Among the Sleep" is simply fantastic.
Martin Kvale does the sound for both our games, and we keep in touch regularly with the rest of the great guys and gals at Krillbite.

Dpads Owlboy is probably the longest anticipated Norwegian indie title. Jo-Remi tells me it is soon done, and i hope so because the game is beautiful.
The Dpad boys worked together with some of us that are at Rain now in the same informal group before we made the 2 companies. So: Go Simon and Jo-Remi

Among the Sleep Looks great. But I wonder are you a todler the whole time? Tongue

EDIT: Yep, I just checked out the kickstarter page. About to try the demo now...
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My only complaint about the Among the Sleep demo was that it wasn't long enough. ;-p I of course backed the project when it was running. Was disappointed that The Realm Game didn't make it, but suspect that part of the problem was they didn't get US-based backing like Among The Sleep did; you can't pay via Amazon when the funding is in GBP:
If you want a more lengthy among the sleep experience then PewtiePie has a review. If you should happen to hate PewtiePie as some do, there are some other videos of gameplay on youtube too.
Oliver & Spike. A promising game from Norwegian Rock Pocket.

I can include the also excellent Frictional Games with their two series Amnesia and Penumbra.
There are only two kind of games for me, the fun and the ones that aren´t fun at all.

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