You can push around Tesla-Dad?!?
My 4 yo was poking around my family friendly games on Steam and discovered you can push around Tesla-Dad near the beginning of the game. I haven't had a chance to see what she did other than walk right up to him and start pushing ?
Turns out to be pretty easy - start a new game, follow him into the building, go back through the door and he's standing right there at the beginning, you can push him around wherever on the bridge

[Image: 3C8D73A2BFA94258029281245D5606F0A79965A8]
The error is basically that he is even in the scene when you return.
His interactions are not defined because you are not supposed to be able to ever interact with him.

This one was a bit funny, though. Almost strange that no one ever found it before. I guess it's just a little unnatural for most to double back right at the beginning.
Leave it to a 4yo to do the illogical thing ^_^
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