Questions about the game's logic
Quote:That's VERY interesting and explains a LOT of other stuffs =p ! That's why, if you are on a spider that dies/despawns without moving, your character "hovers". This also explains the "telepathy button" ( and also a glitch where the game thinks your are still on a slug when you quit it without moving ( ! That slug glitch, however, is cryptic... The glitch cancels when you move in the opposite direction of the slug, but you keep it if you move in the same direction... When does this list is updated ?

It should be updated at something 10hz, but we rely on PhysX to do the right thing in the background as well. I don't know on which side this bug happens.

Quote:I don't know... I made a quick video (in which the game's audio was a bit strange xD) to show it :
I start from the beginning to show that I do nothing really special, but you can jump to 4:10 (trials room). With the "given" character, you can't do the skip by simply staying on the platform (I try a bit, to show that it is not possible), you have to make precise jumps. Then, I reload the save and now, trials skip on staying on the platform is very easy. You can reaload anywhere (not only in that specific room) and the result will be the same, that why I though about that "given character vs loaded character" thing...

My own hypothesis would be that if you start from somewhere far from that site... PhysX will end up calculating with numbers that are further away from 0, which could give lower precision. It's already a glitchy situation... so maybe the accuracy plays an important role right there.

Of course I could be entirely wrong... and we're even abusing the physics engine a bit in order to prevent the bridge from rotating

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