Wiki (unofficial)
I've created a wiki for the game...

Ok I know for a game like this, there's really not much need for a wiki. But for names of enemies, objects, items, abilities, etc it could be useful. I also thought about adding a section for strategies for speedruns and such, there seems to be a good discussion on the forum about that already. Maybe some of those users will contribute to that.

I may not actually add a lot of content to it myself, but I'm happy to moderate it at least and get a few basics added. I've put it up on Wikia since the host has a really good up-time compared to my own server, and it's easy to use for newcomers of wiki editing.

Please feel free to edit it and add content however you see fit. Right now it just has a very basic new wiki look.

Here's the URL to it:

Hope this is well received. :)

Question about media usage on the wiki... Is it permitted to use the art from the art dump, images from the blog, the game logo (for wiki title), and other media such as videos on the wiki? I think it would look much better with at least a good background image and game logo at the top.

Of course in addition to this question, I would like to point out that even if media usage is allowed, testers should not be posting information or media from the alpha/beta. Maybe I should make a note about this on the wiki.

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