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(05-17-2013, 20:04)olli Wrote: Thanks, We're really interested in the international scene!
I'm really happy google translate is available to help us understand most of the content of articles beyond english, though the translations arent always 100% accurate:D

Understood. If you want to contact these web magazines use these adresses, the second most popular french website with the strongest gamer community (doing twitch live on independent games well attended)
○ email :,,,
○ twitter :,,,,, the sixth most popular french website with the second strongest gamer community
○ email :,, julien chiè,
○ twitter :,,,, the most popular french website, in the top 50 of most visited websites in France, millions of monthly visits
○ announcement : suggesting for developers to fill a form for your game, you can speak english of course

I could also try to contact myself Gamekult and Gameblog on their twitter (if you ask it) but for I strongly recommand you to fill this form. And if you need help to translate something I can help you. With these 3 papers you will drag all others. Unfortunatly, I can not do anything for other countries; but I guess Steam Greenlight will if you are accepted. However, it is always better to be known far from the realese of the game.

PS: Monaco in 1 month made more than 1 million dollars profit for 15 dollars the unity (on Steam without XBLA). I wish you the same.

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