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Destructoid: "Teslagrad teleports onto Steam Greenlight"

"we may potentially see it up on Steam if a sufficient number of people are attracted to it. I can't imagine there will be much resistance to the idea of bringing this game to the field."

"Teslagrad: an electro-magnetic puzzle platformer, now on Steam Greenlight"

"A gorgeous trailer."


"The tower is a steampunk fanatic’s fantasy, combining dark Victorian-esque architecture with climbing vines, rusting gears and contraptions, and the crackling delight of high-voltage electricity"
"Teslagrad, an electrifying indie platformer"
Gameblog : "Teslagrad, le puzzle game steampunk en vidéo"

"Teslagrad semble plutôt inspiré, avec de chouettes idées à base de lévitation par exemple."

PS: There are many others french video game magazine who will be interested in your game such as Gamekult (who do popular lives on twitch about independants games).
Thanks, We're really interested in the international scene!
I'm really happy google translate is available to help us understand most of the content of articles beyond english, though the translations arent always 100% accurate:D
(05-17-2013, 20:04)olli Wrote: Thanks, We're really interested in the international scene!
I'm really happy google translate is available to help us understand most of the content of articles beyond english, though the translations arent always 100% accurate:D

Understood. If you want to contact these web magazines use these adresses, the second most popular french website with the strongest gamer community (doing twitch live on independent games well attended)
○ email :,,,
○ twitter :,,,,, the sixth most popular french website with the second strongest gamer community
○ email :,, julien chiè,
○ twitter :,,,, the most popular french website, in the top 50 of most visited websites in France, millions of monthly visits
○ announcement : suggesting for developers to fill a form for your game, you can speak english of course

I could also try to contact myself Gamekult and Gameblog on their twitter (if you ask it) but for I strongly recommand you to fill this form. And if you need help to translate something I can help you. With these 3 papers you will drag all others. Unfortunatly, I can not do anything for other countries; but I guess Steam Greenlight will if you are accepted. However, it is always better to be known far from the realese of the game.

PS: Monaco in 1 month made more than 1 million dollars profit for 15 dollars the unity (on Steam without XBLA). I wish you the same.
GlobZOsiris, that's great!

"So instead of talking about the information-deficient CoD: Ghosts or advertorializing anything from Activision or commercializing the Call of Duty brand, I think I'll take this time to talk about something that's actually worthwhile...Teslagrad."

"If you haven’t already given this game a thumbs up on steam, I think you will be shocked at what you have been missing."
"The natural way in which [Teslagrad] is presented is more than welcome, and playability transmits innovative sensations within the genre"
"Coil Up With A Good Game: Teslagrad Footage"

"...Looks rather neat, right? And those core animations are absolutely gorgeous."

"Teslagrad Offers Beauty, Puzzles, And Steampunk-Tesla Action"

"Really, there doesn’t seem to be anything Teslagrad is missing when pleasing science nerds like myself"

"every so often there will be a time when we can not help but exclaim a ' oh, how nice everything!"

"Teslagrad left me wanting more, and that's the most important thing that a taste of a game can do"
The Palace of Wisdom

"All in all this is a unique, fun and imaginative game which I want to explore more of."

Wise people, lol

"The devs like call it “voiceless storytelling”, but I like to call it a “super f*cking cool and a fantastic new, never seen before way of storytelling”"
Good stuff here. :)

Btw, what's this room? Have I missed it? It looks like possibly an early room design for obtaining the cape. I've seen many areas in videos and images elsewhere that I haven't recognized too. But I'm just assuming it's material for future builds,,,
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It's from a screenshot that we made ourselves. The room is most likely included in the next alpha build.
A "Golden-era looking sidescroller"

"Teslagrad aims to bring quality indie gaming back to the console market as a prime selling point for the consoles."

"Let's hope Nintendo can reel in more companies like Rain Games to flesh out a diverse and quality-stricken library of independent titles for the Wii U"

"Teslagrad is simply a fantastic game."

"The way the game flows and tells the story without having the need for voice actors is truly marvelous. I was hooked from the off."

"The art of the game matches how good this game is. Brilliant."
Gaming Irresponsibly

"With a lovely, hand-drawn aesthetic and slick animations to match, the 2D puzzle platformer instantly impresses."

"Merging the dark, industrial, steampunk-inspired world with cartoonish fantasy is simply stunning."
#20 (Jeffrey Matulef)

"The colourful backgrounds, expressive movements, and focus on puzzles over combat recalls a mix of Braid and Limbo, and having played the half-hour demo, that comparison seems rather apt."
"Completely eschewing the written word and spoken dialogue, Teslagrad’s tale is told purely through its gorgeous visuals and delightful musical score."

"Rain Games is a developer that understands the golden rule of spinning a good story: Show, Don’t Tell."
"Teslagrad is utterly gorgeous to look at",

"Even the level layouts, carefully crafted to give a sense of alien technology and age, speak of darker times no one should ever uncover."

"It’s beautiful minimalist storytelling, and it fits really well with the gameplay proper, which is delightful in more ways than one."

"It’s a charming, dark and at times beautiful game, with a great lore in place that plays out like a carnival Panopticum."

"It’s channeling the spirits of industry greats, with enough of the new to really give you a great experience. ",

"The wordless narrative is helped made possible by Teslagrad's fantastic art direction and visual style."

"The game is gorgeous"

"The incredible artwork and wordless storytelling style invite those who want to experience a unique narrative"

"Teslagrad is highly rewarding and an ultimately fantastic game",
"Impressive level design"

IGN Spain

"The puzzles are always brilliant."
"An excellent Metroidvania, fun and stimulating to the brain. "

IGN Italia
Man, just pick one :D
Hey, long time no see!

"Teslagrad is a stellar puzzle-platformer."

"Can sit confortably alongside other critically acclaimed games such as Braid, The Swapper and Fez."

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