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Teslagrad Speedrunning community - Peter - 01-10-2019

To my great joy, there is a Teslagrad speedrunning community. I have checked in there now and again to see how things are progressing.
Once I never though anyone would beat my game faster than me, seeing how much I had to test everything. But now I wouldn't even make the top 10!

There is a great collection of videos, tips & tricks. Older versions of the game that allow for some extra sneakiness (Before we patched that out) and a couple of specially programmed tools to manipulate the game in order to try out what might be theoretically possible. 
It's a deep rabbit hole, but an interesting one :-)

Check them out here: 

Huh... Look at that. 
Someone finally beat MisterJack112
At this point I thought that his record would stand forever. 
He kept beating his own record for years, and no one else got close.
Congrats, Dioxymore.

RE: Teslagrad Speedrunning community - Codepiece - 01-30-2019

Join us on the discord channel too! Rain games speedrunning also link is on speedrun.com

RE: Teslagrad Speedrunning community - Malley - 11-13-2019

Have you guys uploaded any of your speedruns to Youtube btw?

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