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Game taken off PSN? - Amesamesames - 01-17-2015

I just went to purchase this game on the PlayStation Network and it's nowhere to be found. So I googled the release date and it looks like it released on ps4, ps3, and vita in December. There's even PS4 game reviews for it on metacritic. But it's definitely not on the playstation network store. So I wanted to know if this game was taken down from the store. Or, if it just wasn't released on PlayStation consoles in the US? Any info would be appreciated.

RE: Game taken off PSN? - fredrik - 01-18-2015

The PS3 and PS4 versions should be released in the US very soon. I thought it was some time in January, but I will have to ask someone on Monday about the date.

RE: Game taken off PSN? - fredrik - 01-20-2015

So, we're waiting because we want to do a simultaneous physical and digital release in the US.
There's no actual fixed date yet, but I'm being told it's soon.

RE: Game taken off PSN? - Inconspicuous - 02-13-2015

I'm also eagerly anticipating it. Heard about it a few months ago and wanted to play - hope the day is coming soon.