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The lore of Teslagrad - Peter - 05-15-2013

In Teslagrad we are doing wordless storytelling. This, as one might expect, leaves a lot unsaid. I still feel that we can say a little more than the game does. And do not worry; We plan to revisit this world later, and all will be explained.

First of all; Teslagrad is not a real place, nor meant to be a real place in our worlds past. It is set in the fictional world of Croma in the land of Electropia, where the genius of Tesla follows the family name, rather than just a single man.

Though this world is in many ways still in the 17th century, Electropia has all of the modern knowledge of electromagnetism and more.

Ask about and discuss the world as you like, but remember: There are a lot of secrets I am afriad I have to keep.

RE: The lore of Teslagrad - aarti111 - 07-13-2013

We are happy to announce that Teslagrad is coming out for the .... She has just started, but she has already read up on all the lore for our world.

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RE: The lore of Teslagrad - SpiderIerusalem - 07-17-2013

What inside of mechanical bird (faradeus)? Is it the heart? Flux capacitor? Nuclear reactor?

RE: The lore of Teslagrad - adamos42 - 07-18-2013

Nuclear reactor XXXD I think that is the same as in the small robots.

RE: The lore of Teslagrad - certsout - 11-23-2019

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