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YouTube Videos & Monitization - D1G1T4L3CH0 - 08-04-2013

I thought I read this somewhere already, but I cannot find it now. Is it allowed to use video and audio from the game in YouTube videos and optionally monetize them as well?

I believe this is a good marketing strategy for the game. The customer gets to monetize the video and the dev studio gets free marketing.

If the answer is yes, I suggest somewhere make a public official statement so as to avoid people from having to get individual written permission for each video (since YouTube will ask for it if it detects copyrighted material).

If no, just let me know here. I won't make videos public unless I get a go ahead. And right now I know it's still in alpha, so maybe waiting for a release is best.


RE: YouTube Videos & Monitization - fredrik - 08-04-2013

We will not be collecting money from videos that you have made, even though it's a video from our game.

The alpha builds is meant as a confidential thing, so we would kindly ask that videos from those builds are not used to generate money.
On the other hand, if you want to use youtube for alpha testing purposes (bug reports etc.), that's ok with us.

Also, if you've already published other videos from the alpha, it's not a big deal for us. We're quite forgiving :-)
The reason we want to hold the alpha to ourselves is that it's a testing tool. And we want the content to be fresh when the full game
finally arrives. It would be a bit strange if there was already videos from the final boss on youtube when the game released.

There is a separate build (Press Build), that we have made for public displays.
Once the demo goes public, it will also be for public display.

RE: YouTube Videos & Monitization - D1G1T4L3CH0 - 08-05-2013

Thanks for the reply. :)

Of course, I wouldn't make any alpha video public, all of the videos from alpha are unlisted. I was just asking about the actual release. It's good to know you guys are ok with that.